Privacy and Policy

Techidata Learning Privacy and Policies

1. We need your some personal informations to give you access content or course content of this website for example Full name, email, Phone Number.

2. There may be some charges to register or access our course content.

3. We do not share your personal detail with any third party.

4. Your Account may be temporarily or permanent block if we found some unappropiriate action on our website.

5. is an IT service provider and recently decided to offers online course so if you ask for any other service other than you paid for then appropriate charges may apply.

6. Your Course setup or course fee is not refundable once you paid after taking first class of our any course.

7. If we found there is genuine reason to refund your course setup or course fee then within 10 working days your refundable ammound will be credited to your bank account you paid from.

8. not 100% fee is refundable due to processing fee cut with banks or payment gateways.

9. If any third party ask you for payment on behalf of we would not resposible for your payment.

Payment will be only acceptable only on our

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