website and web app development - beginner to expert level

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This online website and web app development course is designed for those who recently started to learn and willing to learn web skill. This course will provide you step by step to design and develop a website from level 0 to expert level.

      After finishing this course you will able to create any kind of website you can think your mind either its kind of E-commerce Development, Service Portal, Travel Portal or Social media flatform like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

This Chapter will provide you full overview on the web concept in which following points are decribe in video.

1. What is website and web app. Exploring with concept of web pages and what does a web page contains.

2. How websites functions on server side, How browser handle request and why do we need a server.

3. What subjects are you going to learn in web development.

4. What are the initial requirements for this course.